Episode 9: Is there a money-making, corporate niche?

Ever wondered what corporate niche will make you the most money. Or maybe you’re struggling to know how to niche?

In this episode of the Selling to Corporates podcast, I answer a question I’m always being asked ‘Is there a specific corporate niche that will make money?

I break down the steps you need to take when deciding on how to choose your niche if you’re selling to corporates – why you should niche and why corporates love specialists as they really want someone that understands their specific industry.

I also explain why you shouldn’t overthink your corporate niche and worry about choosing the wrong niche as it doesn’t have to be a forever niche.

Plus why you should definitely choose a niche in an industry that you genuinely know and like and why you shouldn’t rely on just one type of industry to make you money.

If you’d love to understand how to figure out your business niche and why niching your business if you sell to corporates will make you more money rather than trying to appeal to everyone, then it’s essential listening. 

Podcast Shownotes

About my Facebook group – Selling to Corporates [3:22]

Why should you actually niche your business? [5:23])

Why corporates love specialists and people who have a niche [7:42]

How to choose a niche for your business by looking at the industry and discipline [9:46]

Why it’s easier to get clients when you have an industry and discipline niche [10:29]

Why corporates love people with industry-specific knowledge [13:44]

Why you shouldn’t worry about choosing the wrong niche for your business [15:00]

Why you should choose a niche that you like or are interested in [17:18]

How to go about getting business in your niche and leveraging your contacts [17:24]

Why you should choose a niche in an industry that you genuinely know or like [19:20]

What questions you should ask yourself when choosing your niche [22:05]

Why there are no guarantees on what niche will make the most money [22:53]

Why you should dominate your market and own your industry [25:09]

How to work with me and book a complimentary call [27:09]

If you’re thinking of adding a corporate revenue stream to your business or are currently trying but haven’t hit your goals, book a free corporate strategy call with me and find out what the next steps are for you and your business.

Individuals mentioned in this episode:

Emma Waltham – Careers after Maternity

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