Episode 27: How to know if The C Suite® is right for you

It’s bonus time on the Selling to Corporate podcast – and I’ve got something extra special today! People have been asking some great questions about joining The C Suite® over the last year – and I’m opening the curtains today to share some of the most frequently asked questions with you, transparent answers and some client stories so that you can know by the end of the episode whether The C Suite® is the right programme for you and how to know when the best time is for you to join. (Spoiler alert: I’m not going to simply sell you something that you don’t need!)

So grab a coffee and take a listen so that you can understand why The C Suite® is the BEST 12 month programme out there to successfully help you sell your services to corporates, how it’s helping other people and why you should get on a call with me! Remember, you can use the link at the bottom of these shownotes to book a C Suite® Exploratory Chat directly with me whilst spots still last.

In this episode, I’m going to be sharing;

  • Why The C Suite® isn’t for everyone – and how many people we really turn away ([04:22])
  • The person type who’s most successful inside The C Suite® and how they make it work for them ([04:54])
  • How long will it take you to make your first sale (and what are the key factors to making that happen?) ([18:16])
  • How will you be making a return on investment – and what could that look like? Plus, how to get in touch if you want specifics on your situation! ([21:45])
  • What access you really get to me (and how well I’ll honestly get to know your business and situation!) ([27:21])
  • Whether or not you need to have worked in the corporate word before joining The C Suite® and learning how to sell B2B ([31:51])
  • How diverse The C Suite® is – and whether or not you’ll ‘fit’. (Spoiler: we love our C Suiters and all of the unique lenses that they see the world through!) ([33:53])
  • How we know that The C Suite® works – and is genuinely the most phenomenal resource for service based business owners who are looking to learn (and implement) best practice business development, make more sales and keep more profit. ([36:27])
  • The way that information is delivered and the types of modules you can expect to see ([40:00])
  • How the live Business Development Days work – and what you can achieve in just one short day! ([43:33])
  • What you can really achieve inside The C Suite® and why it’s so important for me to accept the right people into the programme ([45:35])
  • And of course, I’ll be sharing results the entire way through; how one of our C Suiters signed a £27,000 corporate contract, the results that our C Suiters have achieved throughout Covid-19 and how it could be you winning at BD days soon…

If you’ve listened to this episode and want to check out The C Suite® or have a call with me / my team to watch The C Suite® walkthrough video and ask questions about your business specifically, could benefit from joining The C Suite®, then use the links below to grab your free C Suite Exploratory Chat. 

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Resources In This Episode

Join The C Suite® now! If you’re looking to get the best support in selling your services to corporate organisations, not to mention hundreds of email templates, swipe files and proposal outlines so that you really can convert at much higher rates and sell your services more successfully, then click here to join now.

Book an exploratory chat with me! I’m offering the final exploratory sessions with me so that you can ask any questions you have about The C Suite® and how it can benefit your business. These opportunities are incredibly limited – so if you’d like my eyes on your business and a totally transparent conversation about how The C Suite® could support your goals, book it here now.

Top 5 Business Development Questions: If you’re looking to convert more business development calls into sales? You need to be asking the right questions and getting the best information to support future work. Download my Top 5 BDQs here and start getting quality information from your prospects.

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