Episode 22: How to find the right decision maker

Trying to do good business development can be tough – and it’s made more difficult when you’re not sure who the right decision maker or key stakeholder actually is (or how to find them!)

In fact, most people who are contemplating selling their services to corporate organisations (and haven’t started) tell me that it’s because they’ve no idea who they need to talk to in the first place… and no idea how to find them either!

Let’s face it; the corporate world has become more complex… and a wealth of brand new job titles have arrived in the last five years too. That can make it more challenging to find the correct stakeholder (and to understand what exactly they’re responsible for within the company.)

That’s why in this episode of the Selling to Corporate podcast, I’m digging deep into ‘find the stakeholder’ and sharing;

  • Whether or not you really need to worry about talking to the ‘wrong’ person… and whether or not, you can convert the ‘wrong’ stakeholder into the correct conversation [10:35]
  • How you can avoid the assumption trap – and the things you might be telling yourself about decision makers that are stopping you making good business development decisions (and progress!) [12:00]
  • Whether or not, we really need the ‘right’ decision maker to help us navigate best practice business development inside an organisation [13:45] and why getting the wrong stakeholder means that we run the risk of ruining our relationship with an organisation.
  • Why opportunities are created by having the correct conversations – and how you can make sure that you always create opportunities with confidence. [14:05]
  • How ‘business critical’ decisions can help you find the best stakeholder to support your business development process [18:00]
  • When your ‘sweet spot’ comes into play; how it can help you identify the best stakeholder to talk to so that you never have to worry about ‘getting it wrong’ [20:40]
  • The key characteristics of core stakeholders/ budget holders (and why you’ll never have to worry about job titles again!) [21:36]

Each of these elements is critical for helping you identify decision makers on your own – and having the confidence to hold business development calls that convert!

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