Episode 20: What are the best broadcast platforms to generate corporate clients?

If you’ve decided to spend time creating broadcast content for your business development, then you’re probably wondering where the best place to put it is to gain more leads and generate corporate clients.

After all, there’s no point in spending time to create good broadcast business development content and then put it on the wrong platform!

This episode is all about the best broadcast business development platforms, how to use them and key examples of my C Suite® and Mastermind members using them well to generate corporate clients for themselves. 

In this episode we’ll be exploring:

  • What broadcast platforms are best to use when selling to corporate organisations.
  • What results you can expect from creating good broadcast content
  • The three main broadcast business development platforms and examples of best practice content creation.

We’ll also be covering:

  1. A quick ‘thank you’ to our fabulous May Guest Expert for The C Suite® Rob Cutler for sharing his knowledge of the business development world and giving an incredible workshop to our C Suite® participants ([05:31])
  2. Why there’s not ‘one way’ to create broadcast business development content – and how it differs from the B2C world ([08:14])
  3. How platforms change – and why ‘Jack Sparrow’ is our resident expert for helping us run our businesses ([09:10])
  4. The best ways to make broadcast business development content work for us – and why it’s not about expecting it to make the sales for you. (10.00)
  5. How we can use content to demonstrate our capabilities as an expert/ authority in our space – and why that makes us better business development executives for our own businesses. ([12:59])
  6. Understanding your publishing schedule – and how to decide what you need to put out, when. ([14:32])
  7. Understanding the difference between creating content and creating content that converts into leads and corporate clients. ([15:58])
  8. Using your personality to define which of the three main broadcasting platforms will be best for you. ([19:01])

And remember, if you want to submit a question and have me answer it live on an episode, you can email it across to Jessica@JessicaLorimer.com .

If I pick your question, I’ll email you to let you know and answer it live on air!

Individuals mentioned in this episode:

Becky Strafford: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beckystrafford/

Andy Storch: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andystorch/

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