Episode 10: Set the best foundations to sell to corporates

Setting the right foundations in your business is an incredibly important part of success.

Thinking about your business development? This is a great time of year to set the foundations for business success for the year.

In this episode I’ll take you through the key foundational steps that you need to get started if you want to work with corporates. I’ll explain how to sign your first corporate clients and what you need to consider.   

Even if you’ve already been successfully selling to corporate organisations – you’ll find this episode helpful as I’ll explain the key skills you need to maximise this year to enable you to sell as much as possible and make your life easier.

If you’ve never sold to corporates or worked for one and hate the thought of being ‘owned’ by one again and can’t think of anything you’d like least like to do than go back and work for a corporate!  I’ll tell you why you might want to rethink that. 

I’ll reveal how to reach corporates (and why it’s not through posting randomly on LinkedIn) and why you NEED to be on the phone having constructive consultative sales calls with a corporate and understand their problem BEFORE you pitch to them.

I’ll walk you through the exact way to approach selling to corporates and explain why having a niche is vital when you sell to corporates and I’ll share the secret of how to make the proposal a tick box exercise (if you’ve got all your other ducks in a row).

I’ll also explain how you can make more money and keep selling if you can rinse and repeat and why you should always be thinking, ‘How can I do this better?’

So if you’d like to generate better leads, and spend less time on other stuff in your business (like posting constantly on social media) and get new contracts signed – that are going to make you more money then this podcast is for you. 

Podcast Shownotes

About this podcast episode [5:26]

Why you might not want to sell to corporates (but why you should) [6:25]

Why it’s easier selling to corporates if you’ve got the right foundations in place in your business [8:11]

Why you need to pick a niche and become a specialist to sell to a corporate [9:41]

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to say no if its not the right industry for you [11:25]

How to identify target companies and stakeholders that are relevant to you [12:40]

Why you should find out what a corporate needs from you with a consultative sales call before you pitch [15:43]

How to connect with stakeholders and create lead generation [19:27]

Why consultative sales calls will connect you with corporates rather than just posting stuff on LinkedIn  [21:08]

Why you should never recycle an old business proposal and always think ‘how can I do this better’ [23:30]

Why the proposal is generally a tick box exercise if you’ve got everything else in place [27:10]

Why you can’t just sell like a pro and must deliver results and develop the relationship [29:19]

Why selling to corporates is less time intensive than B2C and its easier to rinse and repeat [31:15]

How to work with me and book a complimentary call [33:06]

Book your free corporate strategy call with me and find out what you need to do to grow your corporate revenue.

Individuals mentioned in this episode:

Mindset Coach and Consultant Heather Gray

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